Fat Burning Foods that you missed in your Diet

Fat Burning Foods

What are Fat Burning Foods?

We all want to loose extra fat. But, most people don’t have time for doing exercises. So, here we are with the fat burning foods you must include in your diet to loose that extra fat. All calories are not the same. Different foods and macro nutrients go through different path ways. Different types of foods we eat can have a huge effect on the hormones and metabolic health. fat burning foods help in the process of burning fat through thermo genesis, increased metabolism, release fat and eliminate toxins.

Here are 7 Fat Burning Foods that you can start having


                Traditionally, Ghee is made from buffalo or cow’s milk. The process of making ghee removes the water and milk fats leading the high smoke point. Ghee is heated to high temperature before it starts to smoke. The energy from medium chain fatty acids in ghee burns the other fats in our system leading to weight loss. It will help to improve Gallbladder function and digestive system. Studies also show that ghee actually attracts other fats and removes toxins that are difficult to eliminate from our body.

2) Green leafy vegetables

                Green leafy vegetables contains structures called Thylakoids which can help naturally reduce your  appetite. These foods help keep muscles functioning properly and burn calories long after a workout. Green leafy vegetables are rich in nutrients, iron and vitamin k.

3) Foods high in fibre

                Fibre intake is associated with hunger, body weight and body fat. Fibre is not digestive immediately after consumption and it absorbs water and slows down the body’s digestion of glucose. It helps in feeling fuller and beat cravings. Research shows Fibre improve digestive health, regulate healthy bogy weight and hormonal health. High fibre foods include Chia seeds, flax seeds, legumes and fruits especially berries.

4) Spicy foods

                Natural spicy foods like cayenne pepper, turmeric, ginger and cinnamon help increase your body’s ability burn fat, suppress hunger, normalise glucose levels and reduce sweet cravings. They induce thermo genesis and lipid oxidation. They are free of calories and free to use in any recipe so try to add some in detoxifying drinks, homemade tea, starchy vegetables or in soups.

Fat Burning Foods That You Missed in Your Diet

5) Coconut oil

                It contains medium chain fatty acids that can help your body burn fat and use of more energy in everyday functions like digestion. Healthy fats like coconut oil has also been found to satisfy hunger and support thyroid health which is important to maintain a strong metabolism. Swapping out your refined vegetable oil for coconut oil in your cooking is a simple way to get more in your diet.

6) Green Tea

                In order to burn fat it must  be breakdown in to fat cell and moved in to the blood stream. The active compounds in green tea can aid this process by boosting the effects of some fat burning hormones. Green tea increases the burning of the fat especially during the exercise. Studies on green tea show that a significant percentage fat lost is harmful visceral fat.

7) Apple cider vinegar                

Apple cider vinegar can increase the metabolism and support weight loss. It contain an organic acid that is created when apple juice is converted in to apple cider vinegar. It is called acidic acid and improve human metabolism. Acidic acid has an alkaline effect on human body and proven medically to support weight loss. This reduce sweet cravings and improves detoxification

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