Latest Mangalsutra Designs for Dailywear

Mangalsutra is a traditional and auspicious jewellery for married women in India. It is a symbol of holy and eternal union, between wife and husband.

Mangalsutra is a combination of black beads and golden beads arranged in a pattern. The simplified Mangalsutra gives a modern touch on dresses and designer Sarees. The chains are inter-linked and inter-rounded, to make it more adorable.

The modern versions of mangalsutra designs are getting more fascinating. Now-a-days, women can select their mangalsutra set, in diamond pendants or even opt for a complete set with matching earrings. Checkout our latest collection of Mangalsutra designs…

Mangalsutra 2
Mangalsutra 3
Mangalsutra 4
Mangalsutra 5
Mangalsutra 6
Mangalsutra 7
Mangalsutra 8
Mangalsutra 9
Mangalsutra 10
Mangalsutra 11
Mangalsutra 12
Mangalsutra 13
Mangalsutra 14
Mangalsutra 14
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