Top Bridal Jhumkas you wish for your Marriage

Traditional Indian bridal jewellery usually contains big jhumkas, thick gold bangles and long gold necklaces and chains. Regardless of which shade the bride chooses, traditional gold jewellery adds a certain glow to the Bride.

Jhumkas are one of the classic types of earrings which have been in existence from centuries. Jhumka earrings are in conical, circular or in temple bell shape. Every religion has a different unique design of Jhumkas and all has their own importance too. We can say that Indian women’s jewellery collection isn’t complete without Jhumkas. Select from the below Jhumkas curated for every bride.

Peacock Jhumka
Spring Jhumka
Leaf Jhumka
Peacock Jhumka 2
Jhumka with bell
Lakshmi Jhumka
Small Peacock Jhumka
Lakshmi and Peacock Jhumka
Jhumka with chain links
Beautiful Jhumka Design
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