Girl with acne free face

Homemade essential oil recipe for acne free face

This is an advanced homemade recipe for acne free face/skin. It uses basic methods of oil cleaning which draws out the dirt and oil that are clogging your pores and replace with healthy botanical...

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Oil free face Feature image

Homemade facemask for oil free skin – Must try

Benefit from the vitamin-rich flax seeds to get refreshing, hydrating and nourishing skin by applying this gentle, skin-tightening, moisturizing homemade facemask for oil-free skin. Enjoy a soft and smooth skin as this can be...

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Woman with soft and clear face

Homemade recipe for Soft and Clear skin

Soft and clear skin are the buzz words in the Beauty industry. There are many cosmetic products which claim to make your skin soft and clear. But, they cost a fortune. You can make...

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Shiny and Bouncing hair

Shiny and Bouncing Hair Recipe at Home

Shiny and bouncing hair is ultimate fantasy of every girl out there. Jasmine Hair Finishing Oil is a botanical treatment which nourish, condition and moisturize your damaged hair and split ends. And Guess what!!...

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Age spots Feature image

How to reduce Age spots – Homemade Remedy

Age spots, which are sometimes referred to as “liver spots,” should really be called “sun spots,” as they are actually the result of excessive exposure to the sun. These little brown marks usually appear...

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selective focus photo of bottle with cork lid

Homemade Deodorants for a refreshing day

Using a homemade blend of natural ingredients to refresh your skin gently and prevent odors is both healthier and less expensive than buying deodorants. Underarm perspiration is caused by secretions from the Apocrine and...

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5 Homemade facial recipes

5 Homemade Facial recipes for Vibrant skin

Your face is the first thing people notice. It will leave the first impression of you to people. The signs of stress like tired, dehydrated and overexposed to sunlight will be easily noticeable to...

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Feature Coffee Face mask

5 Amazing Benefits of Coffee for every Skin type

We all love the morning coffee which gives a refreshing start to our day. Apart from that, coffee is an excellent ingredient for your skin. Here are the 5 amazing benefits of coffee for...

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Feature Image

Natural Homemade Tips for Clean and Clear Face

Natural homemade tips are all you need for your beautiful and flawless skin. Your beauty lies in your care for your skin. The first rule of beautiful skin is to stop over cleansing it....

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Gobi Manchurian

How to make Restaurant Style Gobi Manchurian

Gobi Manchurian is a favorite food for most of the people. But, during this lock-down nobody dared to enter hotels even for the takeaways. So, why don’t we try this at home? It’s as...

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